Our Collierville Dental Patients Tell Their Stories

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I recently visited Dr. Kathryn Sneed’s office for a dental cleaning and cosmetic consultation. She was fantastic! My experience was exceptional. Her additional training and certification in cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles clearly reveals her superiority over other dentists. I can’t say enough about how nice she is, how comfortable she made me feel and how happy I was when I left her office.

I highly recommend her for the care of your teeth.

Arie Szatkowski, MD

My family and I have been extremely impressed with Dr. Kathryn Sneed’s office. We were new in town and were referred to Dr. Sneed by several friends. When I called to set up our appt., they were able to get us all right in. There was little to no wait once we arrived and we were welcomed and taken care of by an Incredibly friendly and superior staff. They far exceeded all of our expectations!


When our family moved from out of state, we knew we’d need to find a good dentist. I wanted to trust recommendations from friends rather than just reading reviews online. I did extensive research and was so grateful when I found out that one of the mom’s in my Bible study was a dentist herself! We had already become friends before I knew of her profession, and I felt so blessed to have such a sweet, encouraging and positive person for our dentist.

Katie is so caring about her patients. She was completely concerned with my well being as well as my dental health during my visits. My husband was so impressed at how professional she is and how efficiently her office is run with state of the art technology and patient care.

When my three-year-old daughter fell out of a treehouse on a weekend and had a dental trauma that may have involved broken bones, Katie was calm and assertive and guided us to the ER at the children’s hospital in case the bones in her mouth were broken. Through texts and phone calls, Katie made sure my daughter received the proper treatment from the on-call pediatric dentist, who also happened to be a former student of Dr. Sneed. That knowledge put me at ease during a very stressful time and difficult emergency dental surgery for my little girl. Katie followed up with us that Mon. and recommended a non-alcoholic mouth rinse to help prevent infection as my daughter’s mouth and teeth were healing. Katie did all of this on her own volition, since my daughter is not her patient, and simply because she cares that much about her patients’ well being!”


Two things impress me about Dr. Sneed: her high level of expert training and skill and her kind, professional demeanor with her patients. It is very evident that she strives not only to make her practice the best it can be, but also to put the needs of her patients first. As a stay-at-home mom, I have my 3-year-old daughter with me all the time. Without fail, she and her staff have always been very kind to my daughter and to me; and, without fail, have always ensured the safety of both of us when I have x-rays done. I first went to Dr. Sneed to have implant surgery because it was not a service that my previous dentist provided; now, I go to her for all of my dental care.


So, we’ve been thinking about coming over to your practice anyways, but process was sped up this week when I chipped a tooth somehow. I discovered it this AM when it was lodged between two teeth- not sure how/ when it happened. I called my regular dentist to try and get worked in today (as I explained I was traveling the next two weeks and wanted to make sure nothing was wrong), and I had to beg and plead to even get a time to come in, with no promises that he could see me right away. Not the first time I have been frustrated where we were at. So… I called your office and spoke with Kayla- she was very nice, I explained I knew you through Sunday School class and my situation. Needless to say she was very friendly, and got me into the office at 9:00 to see Dr. Angelici, who was also great… So you now have my business- will be seeing you on 9/25 for a cleaning and potentially 9/30 for a crown.

Chris A.