A Straighter Smile In Less Time

A straight, healthy, balanced smile… everyone in your family deserves one. But traditional orthodontics can be time consuming, expensive, and uncomfortable. Not anymore! Dr. Katie Sneed and Sneed Dental Arts now offers a groundbreaking orthodontic technique – Tip Edge Orthodontics!

Why Choose a Straighter Smile

  • Straightening your smile does more than boost confidence; a straighter smile can actually contribute to your health!
  • Straight teeth are healthier. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and more likely to contribute to gum disease and decay. And teeth that are crowded, spaced, protruding or misaligned usually don’t function properly.
  • Malaligned teeth and jaw joints can contribute to TMD symptoms and discomfort.
  • Well-aligned teeth are less prone to shifting and crowding with age.
  • Straight teeth increase smiling, and smiling makes you healthier, more confident, and even improves your outlook on the world.

The Benefits of Tip Edge Orthodontics

The benefits of Dr. Sneed’s Tip Edge Orthodontics are instantly apparent: you or your child could discover the straight smile you deserve with:

  • A choice of clear or traditional braces
  • Less time spent in braces
  • Fewer appointments
  • Much less force placed on teeth
  • Improved comfort
  • Better results!

And to make this orthodontic system even more enticing, Tip Edge orthodontics costs less than traditional orthodontic treatments!

The Tip Edge Technique

Instead of trying to pull a tooth into position through the bone, Tip Edge brackets, tip teeth and then upright the roots. It is the only bracket in the world that allows this kind of orthopedic bite correction.

Much less force is needed, maximizing patient comfort – many patients never require pain medications to endure the force placed on the teeth. And because it is much more efficient, the braces require fewer adjustments. In fact, most patients won’t need monthly appointments!

And the results? A balanced, corrected bite and a beautiful, straight smile! Ask us about Tip Edge orthodontics today!


Dr. Kathryn Sneed has now attained fellowship status from the Academy of General Practice Orthodontics.

Fellowship from Academy of General Practice Orthodontics