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More women are becoming dentists – up 44 percent since 2008. Until several decades ago, dentistry was traditionally reserved for men. Not true today. Female dentists comprise over 22 percent of all practices. Besides adding gender diversity, there appear to be distinct advantages that women dentists have over their male counterparts. Some studies suggest women make better and more responsive dentists. We are not trying to get into a debate on which gender is better here. We don’t believe in that kind of thinking. We are just reporting some interesting study and survey factoids we found.

8 Reasons Why:

A study of 393 male and 73 female dentists conducted by the Dental PBRN Collaborative Group discovered:

  • Women dentists may be much better at prevention. PBRN researchers found females had a much greater preference to offering cavity prevention regimens to their patients. They would offer these recommendations much earlier than their male counterparts too. Many of these solutions were at-home fluoride and other treatments for both pediatric and adult patients. This individualized care empowered patients and saved them money in the long run.
  • Other researchers found women dentists take a more conservative approach, which was good for the patient with more positive and less expensive outcomes. It appears unnecessary or aggressive care is not the norm among women. This is something Dr. Kathryn A. Sneed and her team of female associates at Sneed Dental Arts stands by. She believes that conservative treatment is always the rule. She listens to her patients and only recommends what is best for each individual.
  • Studies show women dentists were more likely to recommend at-home fluoride treatments for pediatric patients than their male counterparts who often preferred in-office treatments.
  • Researchers also found women have smaller hands which is more comfortable for the patient. When it comes to doing extractions or major work in your mouth, a smaller hand is actually better and less invasive.
  • Women dentists were more conservative in their approach to restorative dentistry. Researchers say they were more likely to opt for less radical solutions than a male dentist. Again, this saves patient money in the long run.
  • Washingtonian.com reports that women dentists are often better at listening to their patients. That means females are more attentive. That is definitely a win-win for the dental patient.
  • Women are better at gentle dentistry. If you are leary of the dentist because of a bad experience, choosing a female dentist may be just what you need to put you at ease.
  • Some people say women are more nuturing. Perhaps, it is just Mother Nature here, but women can be better at putting themselves in other people’s shoes with more empathic thinking. This makes for a better bedside manner in the medical profession. Having a dentist with a good bedside manner lowers the stress for an anxious dental patient.