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Dr. Kathryn Sneed has now attained fellowship status from the Academy of General Practice Orthodontics. Click the link for info about the Academy

This is great news for our patients, proving just how dedicated Dr. Sneed is to offering the very best and latest in every aspect of  dental care – and all at our beautiful and comfortable office.

Fellowship from Academy of General Practice Orthodontics

What is the Academy of General Practice Orthodontics?

The Academy of GP Orthodontics is one of the country’s premier continuing dental education facilities and has  been specializing in orthodontics for the general dental practitioner for over 27 years. This institution provides an intensive, hands-on clinical component, in which students treat actual orthodontic patients from diagnosis through completion, for a full clinical experience.

Why is Orthodontic Care Important for Patients of All Ages?

  • Malaligned teeth and jaw joints can contribute to TMD symptoms and discomfort.
  • Well-aligned teeth are less prone to shifting and crowding with age.
  • Straight teeth increase smiling, and smiling makes you healthier, more confident, and even improves your outlook on the world.

If you have been concerned about the alignment of your teeth, there has ever been a better time to contact our office about orthodontic treatment!