Are you one of nearly 75% of adults in the U.S. who are afraid to go to the dentist? Fear of dentists is so common that there are two names for it—odontophobia and dentophobia!

Dr. Sneed and Dr. Sipes and all of us at Sneed Dental Arts understand. After all, dentists are patients too! We believe visiting the dentist should be relaxing, not a cause for fear. We use gentle sedation dentistry therapies to help calm your nerves and make sure you’re comfortable and aren’t in pain.

No Fear Dentistry in Collierville

Help for Dental Fears – Oral Sedation

If you have pre-appointment jitters, we can help you relax even before you arrive with oral sedation. We’ll give you a prescription for a small pill to take an hour or two before your appointment. You’ll arrive feeling relaxed and anxiety-free, but can remain conscious throughout the appointment. It’s a good idea to have someone drive you to and from your appointment when using oral sedation.

Anesthesia for Dental Treatments

We can also use nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) once you’re in your treatment room. When you’re relaxed, any local anesthesia will work much better. In addition, Sneed Dental Arts uses advanced technology and dental tools that are quieter and gentler, minimizing all those triggers that might have made you fearful in the past.

When treatments are more involved, or you want to combine several treatments at once, Dr. Sneed has gone through advanced training and is certified to administer IV sedation to both adults and children so you sleep through your appointment.

You no longer have to be afraid. If you know you’re anxious about dental visits, please call our office and talk with us about Collierville sedation dentistry.