General & Preventive Dentistry — Exceptional Care from a Caring Team

Collierville & Germantown Dental Exam & Checkups

At Sneed Dental Arts our first priority is always the health of your teeth and gums. We do comprehensive exams with full sets of x-rays at your first visit and at two- or three-year intervals. We also use intra-oral cameras, hand-held cameras that let us examine every tooth in detail.

Collierville & Germantown Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is an essential part of your dental exam. Oral cancer is on the rise, and can be treated and cured if caught early. Without regular oral cancer screens at your dental visits, this cancer could progress to an advanced stage, where the probability of a complete cure is very low.

Our screening process includes visually examining your mouth for any unusual or suspicious surfaces or lumps. We also use Vizilite®, a mouth rinse and light technology that can expose the smallest differences in the tissues of your mouth.

Collierville & Germantown Digital X-Rays

We take a full set of digital X-rays, which use much less radiation and are more environmentally friendly than traditional x-rays because we don’t have to dispose of films. The images come up on monitors in our treatment rooms allowing you to view the images while we view them.

Collierville & Germantown Dental Hygiene Services

We use two different types of ultrasonic cleaning and scaling instruments. Both the Cavitron and our Piezo scaler can precisely target plaque in hard-to-reach areas for the most thorough dental hygiene treatment.

Collierville & Germantown Periodontal Treatment

When dental plaque is not removed regularly, gingivitis and periodontitis can develop, causing symptoms from bleeding gums to lost teeth. We can treat gum disease with laser therapy or topical antibiotics. Dr. Sneed’s priority at all times is to preserve your natural tooth with periodontal treatment. Removing a tooth because of gum disease is a last resort. We have an implant and periodontal center established at both of our locations which specialize in periodontal cases.  Check out Sneed Dental Implants and Periodontal Center and schedule an appointment today!

Collierville Fluoride Treatment

We will apply fluoride treatments for adults as needed, and for kids at every visit. If your home isn’t supplied with fluoridated water, we will treat adults at every visit as well.

Emergency Dental Care Collierville & Cordova

Yes! Please call us if you experience severe tooth pain or damage a tooth in an accident. Contact us and we will either squeeze you in during regular office hours, or schedule a time for you to come in. Don’t wait! We can help you with emergency dental care!